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Meet Dr. Jared Schumacher

Dr. Jared SchumacherWhen he finished his undergraduate degree at Fort Hays State University in Kansas, Dr. Schumacher knew he wanted to pursue a healthcare career. Unsure of which direction to go, he shadowed practitioners in several different areas, including physical therapists, MDs, veterinarians, etc., and found in most healthcare settings, patients would come in with pain and leave feeling the same—or worse!

While shadowing the chiropractors, 90% of the patients left feeling better, and the doctor felt that instant gratification too. That led the doctor to value building strong personal connections with his patients, both physically and emotionally.

Choosing the Power of Chiropractic

As an athlete, Dr. Schumacher quickly realized how the power of chiropractic helped him heal and get back on the field quickly, another factor in his decision to choose chiropractic as a career.

He understands that for some people, he might be their only interaction during the week, so they share their experiences, trauma, or what they’re dealing with daily with him. This helps him provide his patients with the best quality of life with his drug-free, non-invasive approach to care.

Experienced in Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT)®, Flexion Distraction, Activator®, Gonstead, and other techniques, Dr. Schumacher’s love of sports allows him to work with sports injuries to rehab the person and get them back on the field or course as quickly as possible.

Following the Path to His Future

After his undergrad, he chose Cleveland University in Kansas City for his chiropractic studies, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in December 2023. He moved to North Carolina in February 2024 to join High Point Chiropractic.

Finding such authentic people who support his goals and welcome him as a family member, not an employee, has been a fantastic experience. He definitely feels the love!

Outside the Practice Walls

Dr. Schumacher heard there is so much to do here and is excited to sample everything it offers. He loves the outdoors, whether the mountains or the beach, hiking, volleyball, golfing, and more.

And anything to do with sports—watching, playing, everything. An avid Kansas fan—Jayhawks for college basketball, Thunder for NBA, Chiefs for football, and Royals for baseball—he follows his teams religiously!

Connect With Dr. Jared Today

Dr. Schumacher would love to meet you and help with your issues. Contact our office today to get started!


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