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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a healthcare methodology that seeks to correct interferences in the nervous system, which lead to pain and dysfunction. Using specific chiropractic adjusting techniques, we restore proper spinal alignment and motion to alleviate nervous system irritation. At High Point Chiropractic, we tailor care to each individual’s needs and goals, based on our extensive training, experience and clinical judgment.

Our Techniques

We offer a variety of adjusting techniques, including

  • Activator Methods®: Instrument-assisted adjustment that offers a consistent, low-force thrust without any twisting or cracking.
  • Diversified: A manual adjustment applied to specific spinal joints that have become “stuck.”
  • Thompson Terminal Point: A system of analysis and manual adjustment that takes advantage of a special table to reduce the force necessary to move joints.
  • Torque Release: A gentle touch and light thrust technique that can be accomplished manually or with an instrument called an Integrator. Enhances the brain/body connection.
  • Webster: A system of analysis and adjustment to reduce sacral subluxation and SI joint dysfunction to improve neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis.

chiropractor adjusting patients back

Optimizing Results

Your chiropractor will determine which technique is best for your specific situation. We generally begin care with low-force techniques and evaluate your progress. We will work our way up to higher-force methods as needed for your condition, and at a pace you’re comfortable with. This process is highly individualized and based entirely on your body’s response to care. Our goal is to create optimal results in the gentlest and most comfortable manner possible.

Your Safety Is Our Highest Priority

We take the time to conduct a thorough examination, including EMG, thermal scans and heart rate variability tests, as well as full spinal X-rays, before we begin any care. We are committed to your safety and comfort, and we create a conservative, individualized approach to each patient’s care plan.
Again, we start with low-force, instrument-assisted adjustments, which are comfortable and well-tolerated by most patients. Although higher-force techniques are also safe, some people are not comfortable with them. Therefore, we won’t do any torquing or twisting of your spine without explaining the process first and getting your consent to do so.

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