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Meet the Doctors of High Point Chiropractic

High Point Chiropractic Team

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” Try 3!

At High Point Chiropractic, we have three chiropractors on staff, so you get the benefit of extra brainpower and approach to care, especially with difficult cases.

Dr. Victoria Fonke

Dr. Victoria FonkeOnce upon a time there was a very nice family in our town. The dad was a middle school language arts teacher and mom was a registered respiratory therapist. They had three sons and a Golden Retriever. Their lives were busy between work and raising the boys but mom and dad were devoted parents who wanted nothing more than to see their children healthy and happy.

But, what they discovered was that no matter how much they cared or tried, these goals were difficult to attain and maintain. Their oldest son was on Ritalin because his teacher said he wouldn’t do well in school without it. Their youngest had chronic ear infections and had been hospitalized because all of the antibiotics he’d been given had caused the normal healthy bacteria in the intestine to die and he contracted C. difficile. Their middle son, well, that was the toughest of all. No doctor could quite figure out what was wrong but he wasn’t speaking or learning and that made everyone in the family very sad and frustrated. …read more

Dr. Tracey Smith

Dr. Tracey Smith

I found out that I had scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, when I was 22 years old. I graduated from college and had moved to Lawrence, KS, where my husband was in pharmacy school; there I found a job as an office manager in a chiropractor’s office. It was not until my first day of work, when he took x-rays and examined my spine that I found out the cause of my back pain and headaches that I had been “dealing with” for so many years. When the doctor showed me my x-rays and asked me if I had known that I had scoliosis, I was shocked. I later came to find out that this kind of curvature of the spine starts when a child is very young, they can even be born with it, and if caught and addressed early enough it can be corrected partially, and in some cases completely. It was at that time I realized the impact that being adjusted by a chiropractor as a child could have had on the life and health of my spine, and therefore my entire body. …read more

Dr. Joseph Fonke

Dr. Joseph FonkeFirst of all I want to say welcome to High Point Chiropractic. We are glad that you are thinking about making the choice to empower your life through chiropractic, health, and wellness.My story begins with a traumatic birthing process that led to developmental delays, mainly in communication, behavior and lack of coordination. After many hours and many evaluations, medical doctors and psychologists could not explain why these developmental delays had occurred. In the end, the doctors could only tell my parents that I would never be a normal child and that I was borderline Austistic. At the age of three I was still not verbally speaking and having multiple behavioral outbursts a day. It was not until a chiropractor, my uncle Dr. Jerome Fonke, introduced my parents to chiropractic. My uncle explained that the body has the inborn potential to heal itself if the nervous system is free from interference. Through chiropractic care, I was able to communicate verbally and my behavior began to stabilize. Seeing these amazing changes in me, my parents decided to become chiropractors and enrolled at Life University. …read more

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