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High Point Chiropractors for Family Wellness

Increase Your Well-being at High Point Chiropractic

From helping moms and dads to children and grandparents, our compassionate team is ready to warmly introduce you to the healing benefits of chiropractic. You’ll receive top-tier care from our team of High Point chiropractors at High Point Chiropractic, using the latest technology and equipment. Dr. Victoria Fonke, Dr. Tracey Smith and Dr. Daniel Fonke enjoy making connections and forming relationships with the families in our community while educating them on how to enjoy better health throughout their lifetimes.

Rather than focusing on pain, we address your health by releasing the healing power in each one of us. God gave us the ability to be well. We’re different from traditional medical practices and even other chiropractic offices you may have visited.

Helping to Revitalize Your Health

Our mission at High Point Chiropractic is to serve God faithfully as we tell the chiropractic story, live the chiropractic lifestyle, and enhance the well-being of each practice member by providing extraordinary chiropractic service and of course, have as much fun as possible while we do it!

Going the Extra Mile

When you walk in, you’re greeted by name and made to feel like family by our extraordinary staff. We’re here to listen to you, helping you in all aspects of your health. We need to understand the whole person to know how to help you, and we take a holistic approach to help you fight the stress that causes pain and disease.

Our team cares about each patient and keeps communication open by checking in with you regularly, asking for feedback and doing progress evaluations.

We welcome your entire family to schedule a group appointment. We even make house calls when you need it!

Dr. Victoria Fonke, Dr. Tracey Smith and Dr. Daniel Fonke
High Point Chiropractors
(336) 882-2434