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High Point Chiropractic Reviews

speech bubble with thank you text on itWhat Our High Point Patients Say

At High Point Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us.

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Birth Trauma

My mommy brought me in to see Dr. Tracey when I was 11 days old. She was concerned because my neck and body curved significantly to the right. I had experience some birth trauma, but fortunately mommy believed that chiropractic care could help, even as young as I was. It didn’t take long before my neck began straightening out. Now, as I’m learning to crawl and pull up, Dr. Tracey adjusts my spine when it gets misaligned. I like visiting with all of the friendly faces at High Point Chiro-they’re like my extended family! I’ve known them my whole life!

- Lennox

I Hurt All Over

I was having pain in my neck and shoulders and low back. I constantly had headaches. High Point Chiropractic was my first chiropractic experience. Everyone in the office is very friendly and welcoming. Dr. Tracey is wonderful to work with. She takes the time to listen and is always available when I need her. I feel that this experience has completely changed my life! I don’t have headaches on a daily basis. I have more energy and I know how to deal with stress more effectively. I would highly recommend Dr. Tracey and the staff at High Point Chiropractic to anyone!

- Rachel

Scoliosis at 15 years old

I sought chiropractic care to help relieve back pain due to scoliosis and to gain optimal health. Before coming to High Point Chiropractic I always thought you went to the chiropractor only if you were in pain. I didn’t know it was for wellness too. Dr. Tracey and the staff are friendly and informative. They do an excellent job on educating their patients. I look forward to my visits! I have been a patient for only a short time and have already experienced wonderful results and can tell as huge difference!

- Olivia

Off My Medication!

I have had asthma my whole life (I am 7). I was on 6 medications by the age of 3. My mom started taking me to Dr. Victoria to get adjusted in 2006, I was 4 years old. In 2007 my asthma doctor began to take me off my medicines. By 2008 I was on no medicine except the albuterol for when I have an asthma attack, I think Dr. Victoria is the best, when she adjust me she finds the right spot every time. Sometime I don’t feel good but after my adjustment and seeing the dogs I feel much better. I love Dr. Victoria!

- Chloe


I have been with Dr. Victoria for 6 years. I could not live without her. She is the most wonderful person. She and her staff really care for your well-being. I highly recommend her to others that are suffering with pain.

- Angie

Nerve and Muscle Pain

I heard Dr. Victoria Fonke speak about wellness and chiropractic care about 10 years ago. I came to her practice in search of relief for nerve and muscle pain. My quality of life and activity level has improved 100%. I still come twice a month for wellness care to keep my body in line and in tune for good health.

- Audrey

Athletic Performance

I was brought to High Point Chiropractic last winter after suffering from severe back pain that hindered me from performing on the basketball court. After exhausting seemingly all of my options, I was introduced to Dr. Fonke. She met with my family and reassured me after my initial consultation that my problem could be fixed with adjustments.

After several visits I began to feel immense relief and was able to return to the court at full strength in just a few weeks. The difference in my back as well as in my entire body was dramatic. I have chosen to continue with wellness care, which has improved my overall well being and allowed me to have an injury free basketball season. My mother who also receives wellness care and I cannot recommend High Point Chiropractic enough. It has changed my life.

- Joseph

I Feel So Good

I first came because of aches and pains. I have stayed because I feel so good, and it’s all thanks to Dr. Fonke. The care has not only maintained physical wellness but has also elevated my mental wellness. It truly is an all over care. My husband and two daughters are also patients. We are all on wellness care bi-weekly. Thank you Dr. Fonke!  You all have changed my life! I eagerly look forward to each and every appointment, and dread when I have to miss (which is not often.) Best decision of my life!

- Debby

Herniated Disc

Walking through my yard one day 13 years ago changed my life when I stepped in a hole that I didn’t see. I herniated a disc in 2 areas. Five years later, after having not been able to sit at all, or drive my car, I went to another chiropractor and it didn’t help. Often times I was in more pain. Then one day we moved and my next door neighbor told me about a chiropractor named Dr. Victoria Fonke. Being very skeptical, I started coming to Dr. V. She changed my life! Today I am pain free, can sit, drive and have my life back. She is always there when I need her. I really don’t know what I would have done without her: probably surgery! There is no one I respect more as a doctor and now great friend. My husband now comes to her and I have recommended many people to her. Thank you Dr. Victoria!

- Trisha

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